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Dramatic Writing

Tabula Rasa

Series pilot. A disparate group of emigres seeks a clean slate on Mars, only to find the past can follow them anywhere.
Runner-up, Northwestern University Krevoy Screenwriting Contest
58 pages


Series pilot. Will McMahon wakes up with amnesia on an airplane. The man to his left insists he’s his kidnapper, and that the entire plane is in on it. Things only get stranger from there.
58 pages

Three Wishes

Black Mirror spec script. What if you could develop perfect habits, automatically? That’s the promise of Genie, a new motivational AI. But like any easy fix, there’s a catch.
58 pages

Honey I Shrunk the Ricks

Rick & Morty spec script in which, among other things, Rick hijacks the Magic School Bus.
30 pages

Camp 11

Political drama. In Camp 11, escape is synonymous with death. Of course, in Camp 11, escape is all anybody thinks about.
23 pages

Family Owned

Short horror film. A.K.A. “Vegan Saw.” The Bentley Family Owned Livestock & Poultry Farm has flouted ethics standards for decades, but when militant animal rights activists descend on the farm, their inhumane practices catch up with them.
22 pages

Room Sync

Six-minute short. It’s move-in day for the incoming class, and Tommy isn’t prepared for the roommate nightmare that awaits him in this surreal short.


Four-minute short. Helen is no stranger to paranoid thoughts, but this time she can’t shake the feeling something's different.
Winner, Best of the Fest, Northwestern University First-Year 48 Hour Film Fest

Scripts available upon request.